How Drones Can Help You Make Better Videos

Time to propel your marketing by harnessing the untapped power of drones. Business videos can now be made even more compelling and engaging when the videos are filmed using drones, and allow you to connect with your intended audience on a deeper level in a world where people consume content in various formats at an incredibly fast pace. Whether it is a group shot of a memorable corporate party that you want to take or a footage of your office surroundings (and practically anything in between), drones are indeed revolutionizing the types of videos and shots smaller video teams can produce, with impressive features like the handheld stabilizer that help make drone footage look silky smooth even if your hands are shaky!

If your focus is on using drones to create videos as part of your marketing strategy, but are not yet 100% convinced that dabbing in drone video can deliver the positive results you anticipate from incorporating advanced video-making techniques to your business-promoting efforts, the following points will probably let you heave a sign of relief!

  1. You Become a Game Changer

Virtual reality is expected to go mainstream in the next few years. There are also viewpoints of key-people in the tech space that place the VR revolution much sooner than expected, especially after Apple’s recent acquisitions (Apple bought 3 large VR companies) and Facebook’s $2b purchase of Oculus 3 years ago. Therefore, those interested in mastering the newest trends, drone footage included, will most likely be ahead of their competition, considering the fact that they will have access to connections and resources that might be required if they are planning to bring virtual reality into their marketing in the future.

  1. Keep Visitors More Engaged

Incorporating drone footage on your website is a captivating way to keep visitors more time on your pages. If video marketing is a powerful marketing strategy for promoting your business and turning your audience’s attention on what you have to say – video marketers are evidenced to get almost 70% more qualified leads annually and achieve about 55% increase in brand awareness – you can only imagine what the new era of aerial photography and film making can do for your business!

With more breath-taking aerial drone video footage enhancing any video production, drones are a great tool to provide a more memorable web experience to your customers. If you capitalize on this opportunity and manage to catch the eye of prospects at a crucial moment, chances are you will also increase the time they spend on your website, which will consequently heighten the possibility of a sale (and, of course, give your ROI and revenue a good boost).

For examples, check out the homepage of Smith Mountain Homes, a Virginia-based company focused on building the best lakefront realty site in the US. It looks amazing (to the point you don’t want to exit the site) and has allowed the company to make more sales (both properties and services provided by the brand).

  1. To Breathe New Life to a Video

Using drones is a great way to tell stories, which can be particularly appealing to specific industries. For example, construction projects are given an upbeat touch and story telling becomes even more impactful since you can capture shots that would be impossible with any other means available.

Depending on which industry you are in, drone video can help tell the complete story. For instance:

  • If you are a clothing retailer, you could set your drone up during your annual sale and capture crowds of people coming in and out of your store.
  • Or you could show your products in action (i.e. you are an outdoor gear or sports retailer and shoot drone footage of people skiing down a mountain or fishing in a lake while wearing your gear/outfits).
  • A personal trainer can create interesting footage of outdoor workouts, which can be further enhanced if the video is shot in an idyllic location or, say, moments before the sun rises.
  • The same applies to the world of extreme sports, where you can easily give a more holistic view of an extreme athlete doing his or her thing from above. This is the type of drone footage Redbull has been using for quite some time now.
  • As a real estate agent, getting aerial videos of regions where you sell properties with the help of drones can give those interested in purchasing a home from you a detailed overview of the area around the property.


Drone Shots Ideas for Your Next Video

  1. The Fly-By – It is a technique where you fly your drone past a foreground object. It works like a charm if you have a magical background too.
  2. The Follow – There are some drone models that come equipped with a follow feature which allows you to set yourself as a target and let the drone follow you as you drive your car or jog!
  3. The Gentle Rise – The specific camera movement is superb for establishing shots. You place the camera of the drone facing downward and position the drone on the ground. Then, you start to fly it slowly in an upward fashion. As the drone gets higher, it will capture wonderful aerial views.
  4. The Lateral Shot – With this shot, you will be able to produce amazing scenes. All you need to do is keep the drone high in the air or low to the ground and capture footage that looks like a non-stop slider!

Another excellent drone footage idea is to place the drone on the ground with its camera looking towards the landscape. Push the start button and let it fly upwards to get panoramic views of the area. Just how high you will take it depends on what you have envisioned and, of course, the local regulations. For example, in the UK, you need to have permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority not only in regards how high your drone can fly but also whether you can use it for commercial work.  In the US, be mindful of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations so you know everything checks out before you start flying your drone and capture footage!