Here’s a simple digital photography tip that I heard the other day that really stuck with me. It is so obvious, but sometimes I get so busy that I just don’t do it. I bet you have that problem sometimes too.

Digital Photography Tip

The other day I was listening to some archived episodes of The Candid Frame. If you don’t listen to it you really should start. It is a podcast that features interviews with photographers. The photographers talk about their work, their methods, and what inspires them. I’ve discovered so many excellent photographers from the show. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired all I have to do is listen to The Candid Frame and it makes me so excited I want to go out and start taking pictures immediately. Go subscribe to the podcast now. I’ll wait. Go ahead. Here’s the link.

I went through a stage of listening to a lot of interviews recently, so I’m not sure which interview this tip came from. The person being interviewed was just talking about how you should take pictures everyday. The photographer in question was a street photographer with a day job and after work he would always go take pictures. If you really want to excel at photography you need to practice just like a musician practices his instrument everyday. My husband is a professional bassist and he practices everyday without fail. Even on days he has a gig he still practices.

Art is part talent but it’s an even bigger part work. Talent can only take you so far if you’re not driven to hone and develop it. In order to improve, you should pick up your camera everyday and take pictures. It seems so obvious, but how many of us are doing it. I know I wasn’t, but I’ve started since I heard that interview.

Sometimes I’m not feeling inspired at all, but just stepping out the door with my camera with the idea of taking a picture starts to inspire me. Once I take the first few pictures I feel charged and like I really want to take pictures. The more pictures you take, the more you develop your eye. I see this working for me already.

You’ll take a lot of bad pictures. That’s fine. Not all pictures are perfect. In fact most of them aren’t. If you look at the all the files on your favorite photographer’s memory card, I’m sure they’d be some stinkers there too. You just need to get used to taking pictures and making those pictures look like what you see in your minds eye.

If you are having a hard time getting out and actually taking the pictures try giving yourself assignments. That’s a digital photography tip that I’ve mentioned on this site before, but I really like the idea. Give yourself a theme for the week and try to take pictures that fall into that theme. That will really get you thinking and looking.

That’s my digital photography tip. It’s simple but challenging all at once. Try it. You’re not alone because I’m doing it too.