Hi, I’m Michael and I love photography.

My grandfather was a professional portrait photographer and my uncle was a hobbist photographer. When my grandfather died I inherited all of his photography equiment.

When I was 13 years old my mother helped me set up a darkroom in our house. I spent many hours in there developing film and making prints. I loved the time I spent in the darkroom: the glow of the safe light, the smell of darkroom chemicals, the buzz of the extraction fan, hanging pictures up to dry.

In college, I started out majoring in photography then I changed my major because I was afraid that photography wouldn’t provide me with the job security I needed. The time I spent majoring in photography taught me some great lessons in composition, light and many other things. Even when I was no longer a photography major, I continued studying photography and spent a lot of free time in the school darkroom.

When digital cameras first started to become popular I have to admit I was not quick to get on board. I was constantly saying the image producted was inferior to film. At the time it was. Early digital cameras didn’t produce the image quality they produce now.

As film cameras started becoming more and more rare, I had to face the digital revolution. I bought my first digital camera in 2005 (I’m really stubborn). While I may be a little late on the scene, I have to admit that I love digital photography. Being able to see an image right after I take it helps me decide is that shot is worth keeping right then and there. With my film camera I also took a picture from many different angles and with many different f-stops to make sure I got the right image. Plus you can do so much to alter the image on your computer once you get your pictures home.

I want to share my love for digital photography with you. That’s why I created this site.